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The Aquaya Institute: A Clear Path to Clean Water
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Water purification in Kenya. Clear, clean water in Indonesia.

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The Aquaya Institute (, designs, develops and deploys programs for delivering clean drinking water in the developing world. In addition to work for the Gates Foundation on a novel low-cost water test, Aquaya has designed and developed, with the support of, the Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, and the Mulago Foundation, an entrepreneurial business model which recruits aspiring entrepreneurs, providing equipment and training to help them produce and distribute safe drinking water in places where it is unavailable or unaffordable.

Aquaya was founded in 2005 by scientists intent on bridging the divide between academic research and field implementation of measures to expand access to safe drinking water in the developing world. Aquaya helps design new products and services, build and improve upon successful delivery models, and measure the health and socioeconomic impacts of water and sanitation programs using rigorous techniques.

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